24 Hour Access with TeleBank

Call us at (940) 723-7222 or toll free @ 1-866-871-1250 if you live outside the area, and do your banking at any time or place. To sign up for Telebank simply call your local bank office and request your login information.

With State National Bank's new TeleBank, you can access your accounts from anywhere you can find phone service! Our solution allows you to call in to our TeleBank system, and listen to any type of account you have with us, from Checking to Loans and Savings to CDs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

The TeleBanking system will allow you the ability to go through your account in detail, or just have a quick glance at your balance, last deposit and withdrawal. For checking accounts, you can research your account by check number, check amount, all withdrawals, all deposits, as well as ATM transactions. In addition to this, you may request a hard copy via fax broken down to the last business day's transactions, the last seven days, or the last thirty one days worth of transactions.

In addition you may also do funds transfers between your accounts or make loan payments on your loans via TeleBank.

When accessing a loan account, you can review the balance, the amount and date of the next payment of the loan and the prior year's interest.

TeleBank is a safe, secure and convenient alternative to calling the bank or visiting a teller. Please be sure to keep your security code private and refrain from calling on home or cell phones that are not yours, where the number may be found after the call. We recommend that you do not use the last four of your social security number, linear progression of numbers such as 1234, nor repeated patterns such as 1212 or 3344.

If you have problems with your password for TeleBanking, please contact your local New Accounts person.

Transfers and loan payments will be posted as of the next End of the Day process. The cutoff time for same day service is 4:00 PM CST.

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